Tips & Suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions to help you make the best of your photo shoot:


  1. Ensure your baby is well fed and slept prior to the session. There will be some time for a ‘top up’ feed if necessary.
  2. Ensure mittens are used in the days leading up to the photo shoot to avoid scratches.
  3. Well fitted clothes are best otherwise your baby looks lost in oversized outfits.
  4. If your baby is likely to be asleep on arrival, consider the clothes they are wearing as I may start with some sleepy shots before interrupting them.
  5. Your baby should be wearing minimal, loose-fitting clothing so it’s easy to change out of.
  6. Keep the nappy loose to prevent nappy lines on your baby’s skin.
  7. Bring a dummy, extra food and anything sentimental you want in a shot.
  8. Wash faces and trim nails. Moisturise dry skin with sorbolene rather than an oil so there is no shine left on the skin. It’s especially important that the area around the eyes is clean.
  9. Keep a face washer on hand for baby dribble.
  10. A couple of clothes changes and/or nappy/nudie shots.
  11. Light pastel colours create a soft feel for babies.
  12. Have items such as hospital wrist bands, beanie/bonnet/hat, favourite blanket, christening necklace, stuffed animal or their first pair of shoes packed if you would like them photographed.


  1. Wash and clean eyes, faces and hands.
  2. Clean and trim finger nails.
  3. Dry skin cleaned especially around the eyes.
  4. Keep a face washer on hand for sticky fingers or dribble.
  5. Wear and bring, bright colourful clothing. Have a plain top to use in the family photo. Avoid logos, excessive pictures and loud patterns. Bring any fun or unusual clothing like cool sunnies, first pair of shoes, favourite toy, funky boots, bright gumboots kids umbrellas, trendy jackets, braces, ties, jewellery, hats and anything else you have. Layered outfits look fabulous.
  6. Most of the session you and your child will photographed in bare feet.
  7. If you’d like to give them a lolly treat at the end - those extra big coloured lollipops provide fabulous smiles! Bring any item that makes your child smile

Adults & Families:

  1. If we are doing your hair and makeup for you, then please wash your hair prior and come without any makeup on. Otherwise, do your hair and makeup as you would if you were going out for a meal or similar event.
  2. Try to ensure clothing is freshly washed and ironed and free of pet hair and avoid pilled tops.
  3. Most of the shoot you and your child will photographed in bare feet.
  4. Bring a change of clothing if you like and certainly bring a few different hats, scarfs, jackets etc which can add variety to the session.
  5. I recommend that you keep the choices similar in style, colour and tone. Eg: Light blue top on adult and blue top on child, but above all wear clothes you feel comfortable in.
  6. Wear classic accessories. Eg: wear classic earrings instead of coloured plastic fashion earrings as these ‘date’ photos. Have clean fingernails and keep polish to natural colours.
  7. Black OR white tops works best for adults so the focus in on faces and expressions. Both adults look best in the same colour, rather than one in white and the other in black.
  8. Avoid bold stripes or mult-coloured outfits.

Other things you should know:

  1. A session with Faithful Photography is relaxed, casual, and fun! The pace of the session is dictated by the child; there is some time for a break, a snack or a clothing change. I am not looking to create the traditional perfect portrait. Life is hardly perfect and we intend to capture your life.
  2. The studio and equipment will have been set-up in advance for your particular session style.
  3. Children have short concentration spans, so I have many ideas and techniques to guide them through the session to keep it interesting and fun for them. Cute activites such as mock tea parties, kids tool sets and helium balloons are a welcome prop (for age 2 and up)! So please bring helium balloons if you would like them in some photos. Whilst some props are used, they are not in every photo, I use them to get the angles and shots I want whilst maintaining a happy and interested child.
  4. During a newborn session, I work with how the baby is on the day. I never force certain poses so it’s a good idea to be flexible with your expectations. Babies will be babies and I aim to get the best from how they are at that moment.
  5. Expect to ‘top up’ your baby with extra milk. I usually hear ‘they are not due for a feed now’ or ‘I just fed him’, but posing and moving them during a session is unfamiliar so they seek comfort, and to them comfort is milk (or a dummy) so have these ready.
  6. Get ready to LOVE your baby even more. The most beautiful photos are those where parents show love and affection to their newborn and one another. Don’t be afraid to get close to each other. I usually ask you to cuddle your baby close to your face to create an intimate feel.
  7. For your child’s safety, it would be great if kept an eye on your children while in my studio.
  8. After the photo shoot,
    1. We will organize a time for viewing the photos
    2. There are many hours spent working on the shots
    3. We will meet, and you can then make your orders
    4. It will take approximately 4 weeks for you to receive them

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