Family Photography

Family photography is so fun! From dad’s playing and laughing with the kids to hugs and cuddles from mum.. this is kind of session is organised chaos. We will turn the fun into amazing pieces of wall art to remember for years to come.

We love bringing out the unique personalities of kids in front of the camera. Don’t forget to bring your child’s favourite toys, costumes, jackets, balls, books and scooters etc.

Your toddler or primary age child will have so much fun, they be asking you when they can come back again.

Family Photography

A teenage family photography session is possibly the last chance that you’ll have with your child to do a family photograph. We know how important it is to you. But ask any teenager to have a family portrait taken and 9/10 times they will say “do we have to?” or “not another one, the last time was so boring!”

This is definitely NOT the case with an Faithful Photography experience! Show your teenager our website and get them involved in the planning process. Once they experience what we do and how we do it, they won’t want to leave the studio! You will be surprised how much they love it!

Bring in their sports memorabilia, fashion accessories, sunglasses, shoes, etc for a truly personalised experience.

All Aged and Older Families

Large family photography has to be the loudest, silliest, most energetic and crazy photography sessions to be enjoyed in our studio. We will, together, through out all the fun a frivolity, create the most unique photographs that your whole family will love, treasure and pass down for years to come. Bring your full family to Faithful Photography for a get-together that you will never forget.

Each and every family is unique, from traditions, games, favorite treats to cooking specialties, odd sayings and genetic similarities. There are so many little things that make a family, a family. There are so many reasons to bring your family together, but most importantly, catch them before they all leave the nest, state, or the country. Or the best excuse yet, celebrate the addition of a son or daughter in law, or capture the love towards the youngest and newest family member.

Finally, at Faithful Photography we want to capture the real you, your real family, including the quirks, traditions and habits you have as a family and the way you interact with each other. A full family experience at Faithful Photography is one you will never forget.