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How To Choose A Family Photographer

When choosing the right family photographer, you want someone you can trust to do a brilliant job on the day and capture the essence of your family in just the same way as you see them. 

You want a professional photographer who has the ability to create beautiful family photos in a style that is perfect in every detail and that you’re proud to share with your friends and loved ones or display around the home.

After all, you can’t rewind the clock and capture those milestones in your family life ever again.

Choosing The Best Family Photographer

Finding the best family photographer for your family photo shoot is never easy, so we’ll give you some tips for choosing the perfect family photographer in this article.

We’re also going to tell you about some of the things to look for when searching for the right photographer for your family photography. We’ll also tell you some of the questions we always recommend you ask before settling on which is the right photographer for you

So How Can You Be Sure You’re Choosing A Great Photographer For Your Family?

However, before you start comparing different family photographers, you need to think about what style of family photographs best suits you. So it’s always worth doing your research before contacting any photographer.

There are so many family photo styles to choose from, including classy purpose-built studio sessions, outdoor lifestyle photography shot in beautiful parks and landscapes that can be a little more fun and zany, at-home photography sessions and documentary-style ‘day in the life’ photo shoots.

Take Your Time To Look Through The Different Styles Of Family Photography 

Spending some time and looking through the many different styles of family photographs available will make it so much easier to choose the right photographer because the last thing you want is to be disappointed with the outcome.

Pinterest or Google search are excellent tools to help you do this, or in some cases, it might be possible to speak with a photographer’s previous clients about past sessions.

Once you’ve found the photography style you like and that best suits your family, look for photographers close to you who have a similar approach to creating the family photos you require.

Today, the best photographers like the team here at Faithful Photography have an online viewing gallery.

By taking the time to look through them, you can usually get an idea of just how experienced each photographer is and the style of family portraits they create.

For example, are there photos of many different families in various styles or just one or two? And does their style of photography match with what you require?

Questions To Ask A Family Photographer

Once you have found a few photographers that you think fit the style that bests suits you and your family, it’s time to dig a little deeper and find out more about each of them in detail.

Fortunately, you can probably find most of the information you need to research for each photographer online.

However, you might find that some photographers require you to contact them for their pricing information.

Or, if you prefer, you could pick up the phone and talk to each photographer directly.

By talking to each of the photographers individually, you’ll get a sense of what they are all about; you’ll also know if you feel comfortable and if you would be happy with them taking your family photographs.

Whichever way you decide to do your research, there are a host of frequently asked questions, but whatever your questions, we always recommend that you always ask at least these three key questions:

  • Where does the photo session take place?
  • How will the photographer help you prepare for the shoot?
  • What will the session cost, and what can you expect to receive for your money?

Where Does The Photo Session Take Place?

You can often get the answer to this by visiting the photographer’s website. Their portfolio of work and the information they have on the site about how typically family photo sessions work will give you a strong indication of where shoots are likely to take place.

Just remember, while an outdoor location like a public park or a private property might provide a stunning backdrop with lots of natural light.

They may require the photographer to have a permit and the correct permissions, so ensure all the necessary permits are in place and that if fees are involved, who pays them?

Not all photographers do this before their photography sessions, and the last thing you want is your day ruined because the paperwork wasn’t in place.

How Will The Photographer Help You Prepare For Your Session?

Most of us don’t have our family photos taken every day, so when you’re investing in new family portraits, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is looking their best.

So when you’re talking to the different photographers, always ask them how they will go about helping you and your family get ready for the session.

For example, they make help you decide which is the right location, what you and your family should wear on the day and how to have the children look their best. (changed)

They may even go further as they do at Faithful Photography by offering you a comprehensive hair and makeup service for your photo shoot.

Every family photographer will do things differently, so always ask how they can help upfront.

Some generally speaking, the more you pay, the more hands-on the photographer will likely be in helping you prepare for the shoot.

What Will The Session Cost, And What Can You Expect To Receive For Your Money?

Most professional photographers here in Sydney tend to offer a variety of prices which in some cases can be a little misleading, and you don’t always know what you’re getting for your money.

Whereas the award-winning team at Faithful Photography offers a flat rate menu with no hidden charges, ensuring you know precisely what is included in the costs and what you expect to receive.

No Hidden Charges

Their weekday family photography sessions cost from $100 for a studio shoot and can rise to $150 for an outdoor shoot; for weekend sessions, there is an additional $50 charge.

They also offer a series of unique collections that can be supplied either as a set of Kodak Photographic Lustre prints in various sizes with prices starting at $295,

Through to their impressive ‘The Lot’ collection. Where you receive all your photos in a variety of sizes and formats in digital files on a USB ready for printing, prices for The Lot collection start from $1100.

Talk To The Professionals

Family photography is your chance to create memorable, beautiful, fun memories with the ones you love most, and it’s also a great chance to capture all family members together in one setting.

For over ten years, the highly professional team at Faithful Photography have been capturing the true spirit and personality of families.

From their fully equipped professional studio in Mount Annan, they are perfectly placed to bring your ideas to life and to create unforgettable photographic memories that you and your family will cherish forever.

Learn More About Faithful Photography

To learn more about the fantastic family photography experience Faithful Photography offers and the lasting memories they can capture for you and your family, email or call them on 1300 907 115.

They look forward to speaking with you.

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