Is Newborn Photography Worth It? 3

Is Newborn Photography Worth It?

Your family is pleading to see pictures of your adorable newborn, who has already arrived. You might be looking for a newborn photographer because you’ve made the decision that you’d like to preserve those early months with some stunning professional images.

As new parents, you might consider a newborn photoshoot after your baby is delivered, or you might be forced to decide between scheduling a newborn photo session for an older infant or postponing your baby’s photo session until they are roughly three months old. This can lead to a question regarding is newborn photography worth it.

When Is The Best Time to Think About Newborn Photos?

Newborn Baby

The best time to achieve beautiful images at a newborn photo session is typically when the baby is in the first few weeks old. In addition to the fact that babies are frequently still content to be snuggled up in the fetal position and are thus at ease when presented in those curling newborn poses, babies are typically calmer and sleepier during this time.

You might discover that your baby sleeps for half to more than that during the session if they are between the ages of two and five weeks.

It’s more likely that somewhere between six to eight weeks, your baby will only fall asleep for a few pictures and be awake for the majority of the time.

There is neither a right nor an incorrect response because each family’s response will be unique. But I recognise that making a choice might be challenging.

You could be tempted between taking pictures of your infant while they are still a newborn or waiting until they are three months old when they are only a few weeks old because it can be challenging to predict how the baby will change within the next month or two.

While your infant will have changed much by that time from the 3-month mark, 3-month photos of your baby are probably more like those 6- to 10-month photos than they are like newborn photos.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

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You should hire a professional photographer if you want to remember the sweetness of your newborn child.

Creating Memories

Planning and stress are common side effects of having a newborn. So, professional newborn photography can help you sit back, unwind, and watch as someone else takes pictures of your child.

You will not have to worry about any of it because they will offer the appropriate props and equipment. It will be a completely stress-free experience.

Photographs taken on a phone may someday become obsolete, but images created by pros will be stunning, unique, and endure for many years.

Beautiful Results

Professional photographers are experts at creating gorgeous images that perfectly capture the character and values of your child. From the folds on your child’s feet to the hair follicles on top of their head, they make sure to catch even the slightest details in the newborn shoot.

By editing baby photos, we can highlight the image’s greatest features, put your baby on centre stage, and highlight how stunning your new baby is.

Safe Environment

Since photographers want to portray newborn babies’ charming vulnerability in the greatest light possible, we all know how delicate, defenceless, and innocent newborns are.

They are fully capable of positioning your infant safely during clicking their professional photos, so they appear lovely and are free from any discomfort. The safety and care of your newborn are ultimately more crucial than any photograph.

Best Ideas for Newborn Photoshoot

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The ideal setting for newborn photo shoots is typically a studio because everything will be in control and organised. Although losing the natural light would be preferable, employing studio lights is still a viable option. In this manner, there are no restrictions on the use of props, and the shoot can take place at any time of day.

Babies can’t go very far. However, if you’re fortunate enough to take a walk in a garden, it makes a great backdrop for several newborn photo ideas and family pictures.

Naturally, only attempt this in suitable weather. Remain inside for your photo shoot if the weather is too hot or chilly.

You can add splashes of colour to your ideas for posed newborn photos by using flowers. With a baby girl, a floral headband or hat works beautifully.

With newborn photographs, you may be creative by setting up sets and scenes. Fairy tales and mystical tales are popular among kids. They may provide some imaginative concepts for newborn photo shoots. To create something genuinely magical, use your imagination when designing the set and the outfits.


  1. Can I click the photos of my newborn on my own?

    Yes, you can. You just need to find the areas where there is good lighting for your newborn pictures to come out well. You can also refer to some tutorials on YouTube that will help you to follow more clearer instructions on how to click good pictures.

  2. How much will a photoshoot session cost for my newborn?

    There are various factors that will determine this, such as how many pictures you get clicked at your newborn session and what is the time duration for which you are going to conduct the entire photoshoot. If you use extra props for the photoshoot, then the price will be high.

  3. How long will it take to get good pictures of my newborn?

    If the newborn cooperates and is not cranky, then the shoot might wrap up quickly. Everything depends on the mood of the newborn.

    If you follow the tips instructed by your photographer, then also you will be able to finish the photoshoot on time.

Wrapping Up

The time spent having your infant photographed will provide you delight and pleasure for the rest of your life. If you are willing to constantly be reminded of how little your baby was and just how much you adore that child when you gaze at those family shots on the wall, then we have an idea for you.

As one of the leading professional newborn photography studios, Faithful Photography is here to help you with your newborn’s photoshoot and indulge in crafting memories for you. You can book an appointment on their website or contact them by dialling 1300 907 115.

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