Top Newborn Photography Spots Melbourne 3

Top Newborn Photography Spots Melbourne

For every new parent, capturing the tender moments of their newborn is priceless. Faithful Photography recognises this sentiment and seeks to guide those in Melbourne to the prime spots for newborn photography. From the lush parks to charming urban settings, Melbourne offers diverse backdrops. Join us on a tour of the city’s best locations for immortalising those irreplaceable early memories.

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    Top Newborn Photography Spots Melbourne

    Capturing the early days of your newborn is not just a photo session; it’s creating tangible memories that last a lifetime. With Melbourne as your canvas, painting these moments into immortal pictures is an adventure waiting to be embarked upon. Melbourne, renowned for its artful landscapes and vibrant culture, also serves as a spectacular backdrop for newborn photography. And we at Faithful Photography are your partners in this delightful journey. Let’s explore more endearing spots in Melbourne, where you can create a visual storybook for your little one.

    1. Fitzroy Gardens

    Located in the heart of Melbourne, Fitzroy Gardens offers a serene and nature-filled backdrop. The mature trees, ornamental shrubs and beautiful pathways make it a haven for picture-perfect moments.

    2. Brighton Beach

    With its iconic colourful bathing boxes, Brighton Beach adds a splash of vibrancy to your newborn’s photos. The azure sea and sandy shores will make the moments stand out.

    3. Royal Botanic Gardens

    The Royal Botanic Gardens offers lush green landscapes, tranquil lakes, and blooming flowers. This oasis in the city creates a serene environment ideal for those gentle baby shots.

    4. Melbourne CBD

    For a blend of contemporary and Victorian architecture, Melbourne’s Central Business District is unparalleled. The urban vibes juxtaposed with your newborn creates an extraordinary photo opportunity.

    5. Your Own Home

    Sometimes, the best memories are made right at home. Our team at Faithful Photography is equipped to transform any setting into a professional photo studio.

    6. Docklands

    An urban precinct by the Victoria Harbour, the Docklands offer a perfect juxtaposition of the modern city life with your newborn’s fresh beginning. Imagine your bundle of joy wrapped snugly, with the stunning skyline or the serene waterfront as the backdrop. It’s a modern fairytale setting in real life.

    7. The Royal Park

    Sprawling over 170 hectares, The Royal Park in Parkville is a green paradise. With open woodlands, grasslands, and wetlands, it provides an organic and earthy environment, just right to nestle and photograph your infant amidst nature’s lap.

    8. Albert Park

    The picturesque Albert Park offers a tranquil lake, broad walkways, and an abundance of greenery. This location offers a peaceful and sunlit setting where your newborn can enjoy their first brush with Melbourne’s beautiful outdoors.

    A Symphony with Faithful Photography

    At Faithful Photography, we believe in creating symphonies with pictures, where each frame sings a lullaby of love, care, and joy. Our team is not just equipped with cameras but with a vision to see and capture the extraordinary in the ordinary.

    Tailored Photography Sessions

    We understand that each family, each baby, is a new story waiting to be told. Thus, we offer tailored sessions, where we blend your expectations and desires with our expertise and creativity. It’s not just a photo session; it’s the beginning of a beautiful story, woven with threads of golden light and silvery laughter.

    Comfort of Your Home

    If stepping out seems too daunting, worry not. We can bring the magic right to your doorstep. Our team is proficient in setting up comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home studios, ensuring the session is as smooth as your baby’s soft whispers.

    Adventures Beyond the Frame

    Together, we can go beyond the traditional and explore. Be it a delightful cake smash session to celebrate their first birthday or documenting your journey into parenthood with our maternity photography, we are here to walk with you, frame by frame, memory by memory.

    Guidance Every Step of the Way

    Choosing outfits, selecting the right time of day, or finding that perfect nook in the park; we assist you every step of the way. Your concerns are ours, and your joys, our reward. Our experienced photographers are not just skilled with the camera but are adept at creating a comfortable and joyous environment for both the baby and the family.

    In a city that breathes life into art and stories at every corner, your baby’s first photoshoot is set to be nothing short of a magical tale. As the hues of Melbourne blend with the radiant smiles and tiny yawns, what we get is a canvas that speaks a thousand words, each echoing love, joy, and the beautiful promise of tomorrow. With Faithful Photography, let’s embark on this beautiful journey, crafting tales that would be narrated for generations to come. Let’s create, let’s cherish, let’s celebrate the new beginning – together.


    The city of Melbourne offers a plethora of beautiful spots that serve as the perfect canvas for your newborn’s memories. Faithful Photography stands ready to capture these moments with precision and warmth. For a personalised experience and memories that will last a lifetime, get in touch with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Golden hour, either shortly after sunrise or before sunset, provides the best lighting.

    It’s ideal to contact a photographer during pregnancy to secure a slot, but the shoot is best done within the first two weeks after birth.

    While some photographers offer props, personalising with your own can make the photos more special.

    Sessions generally last 2-4 hours, allowing for feeding, changing, and comforting breaks.

    Yes, with proper precautions. Always ensure the baby is warm, comfortable, and the location is safe.

    Feed your baby before the session to ensure they’re sleepy and content. For outfit changes, make sure outfits are easily removable.

    Two or three outfits are ideal, but always bring extra for any unforeseen events.

    Yes, Faithful Photography offers packages that include family portraits with your newborn.

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