Family Photo Session Checklist 3

Family Photo Session Checklist

With family photo sessions, the joy is not just in the moment, but also in the anticipation of it. Faithful Photography is here to help you map out your entire session from start to finish, ensuring that every precious moment is captured in a frame that will last a lifetime. In this article, we have meticulously crafted a checklist that will guide you seamlessly through your photo session, sprinkled with suggestions and links to the most authoritative Australian government resources to make your preparation easier.

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    Step 1: Choosing the Perfect Location

    1. Research the Locations – Explore a variety of picturesque locales for your photo session. You might consider a sunny beach, a serene park, or a vibrant urban setting. Do check the Australian Government’s Department of Environment for information on nature reserves and parks.
    2. Permits and Regulations – Depending on your chosen location, you might need to secure a permit. Visit the local government website to check on any necessary permissions.
    3. Accessibility – Ensure that the location is easily accessible for all family members.

    Step 2: Dressing Up for the Session

    • Coordinate Outfits – Plan outfits that complement each other.
    • Comfort is Key – Choose comfortable clothing to allow natural movements and poses.
    • Props and Accessories – Incorporate props or accessories to add a personal touch to the session.

    Step 3: Preparing for the D-Day

    1. Rest Well – Ensure that everyone gets a good night’s sleep before the session to look fresh and vibrant.
    2. Snacks and Refreshments – Bring along snacks and refreshments, especially if there are young children involved.
    3. Punctuality – Arriving on time will ensure that you have ample opportunities to capture the best moments.

    Step 4: Enjoying the Session

    • Be Yourself – Remember, the most cherished photos are those where everyone is being themselves.
    • Follow the Photographer’s Guidance – Our experienced photographers will guide you through various poses and settings.
    • Have Fun – The most important thing is to enjoy the session. For more tips, check our Blog

    Step 5: After the Session

    After the photo session, the magic continues as we delve into the process of selecting and editing the best shots to create a memorable album for you. Here is a glimpse into what happens post-session:

    1. Selection Process – Our experts meticulously sift through the captures of the day, selecting the ones that truly resonate with the essence of your family.
    2. Editing and Retouching – To make memories picture perfect, professional retouching services, enhancing the photos whilst maintaining their natural charm.
    3. Preview and Approval – Before finalising, we provide a preview of the edited photos for your approval, making sure to incorporate any suggestions or changes you may have.

    Step 6: Receiving Your Photos

    The last step in your family photo session journey is receiving the final product. We ensure a smooth and seamless experience in this phase:

    Online Gallery – Your photos will be uploaded to a secure online gallery, from where you can easily view and download them.

    Print Options – Allowing you to bring your memories to life in the form that suits you best – be it in an elegant album, or as grand canvases gracing your home walls.

    Delivery Time – Typically, the final photos are ready for delivery within 2-3 weeks of the session, ensuring that you don’t have to wait long to relish those beautiful moments captured.

    Step 7: Sharing and Preserving Your Memories

    Once you receive your photos, it’s time to share and preserve those beautiful moments:

    Sharing with Loved Ones – Easily share your photos with friends and family through the online gallery link, spreading joy and smiles.

    Social Media – If you wish, share some of your best moments on social media platforms, and don’t forget to tag Faithful Photography to let us join in your happiness.

    Preserving Memories – Consider creating a photo album or a photo book that narrates the story of your family, preserving it for generations to come.

    We understand that every family has its unique vibe and essence. Our endeavour at Faithful Photography is to capture this essence, providing you with a tangible memory that you can hold, see, and cherish forever.

    Planning and preparing for a family photo session might initially seem like a daunting task. However, with the right checklist at hand, it turns into an enjoyable journey, leading to a fun-filled day of making and capturing memories. By following our comprehensive checklist, you ensure a smooth, stress-free, and joyful photo session, where each member of your family gets to shine in their own light.

    Additionally, we recommend keeping abreast with the latest COVID-19 guidelines from the Australian government to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants during the session.

    We at Faithful Photography take pride in being a part of your family’s journey in creating timeless memories. We invite you to navigate through our Testimonials page to see what other families have to say about their experience with us.


    At Faithful Photography, we believe that every photo tells a story. A story of love, a story of togetherness, a story of family. As you prepare for your family photo session, keep this checklist handy to ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you are ready to create timeless memories, get in touch with us today, and let’s turn your family moments into cherished memories.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Coordinate your outfits, and consider comfort to allow for natural poses.

    Props add a personal touch to your photos.

    Our sessions typically last for about an hour.

    Yes, we encourage you to choose a location that resonates with your family’s style and preference.

    It’s recommended to book at least a few weeks in advance to ensure availability.

    Yes, we love including your furry family members in the session.

    You will receive the photos through an online gallery, where you can easily download them.

    In case of bad weather, we can reschedule the session to a more favourable day.

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