Best Age for Newborn Photos

Best Age for Newborn Photos

The delightful world of newborn photography can be magical, but it’s not always as straightforward as it seems. Some parents may question, ‘Why we should not take photos of newborn babies?’ or ‘Is 3 weeks too old for newborn photos?’. At Faithful Photography, we believe in capturing precious moments whilst ensuring the utmost comfort and safety of your little ones. To provide more clarity, we’ll dive into the best age for newborn photos and explore why certain concerns may arise.

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Newborn photography is not just about snapping photos; it’s an art that captures the tiniest details and treasured moments of your baby’s life. There are differing opinions on when it’s best to photograph newborns. This is largely due to safety and comfort concerns, as newborns are extremely delicate in their first few weeks of life.

However, a well-versed, professional newborn photographer, like those at Faithful Photography, understands these concerns and knows how to handle newborns gently and safely during photoshoots.

So, When Is the Best Age for Newborn Photos?

Typically, the best time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks of life, preferably between 5-10 days. During this time, the baby spends most of their time sleeping, which allows for a smoother photoshoot experience. This timeframe is also excellent for achieving the adorable ‘womb-like’, curled-up poses.

Some parents worry, “Is 3 weeks too old for newborn photos?” Absolutely not! Each stage of your baby’s life is unique and worthy of being captured. In fact, photographing your baby at 3 weeks old may lead to some unique and delightful photos as the baby begins to showcase a bit more personality and alertness.

Why Some Believe We Should Not Take Photos of Newborns?

The main concerns around newborn photography stem from worries about the baby’s comfort and safety. According to a report by the Child Safety Europe, young babies require extreme care and should not be exposed to stressful situations. This concern, while valid, is usually mitigated by professional photographers who prioritise newborn safety and comfort during their sessions.

Why Choose Faithful Photography?

At Faithful Photography, we have a team of professional photographers who are trained to handle newborns gently. We create a relaxed and comfortable environment for your baby during photoshoots. Visit our Newborn Photography page to explore more.

How Newborn Photography Differs in Australia

In Australia, newborn photography is particularly unique due to cultural, climatic, and lifestyle factors that can influence the best time for a photoshoot. For instance, considering Australia’s climate, outdoor photoshoots can be comfortably conducted most of the year.

Australia is also home to stunning and diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches to dense forests and vibrant cityscapes. Such a wide variety of environments provides abundant choices for outdoor newborn photoshoots, each offering a unique aesthetic.

Australian Cultural Practices

In various Australian cultures, certain practices are followed when it comes to newborns. For example, some Indigenous cultures have naming ceremonies for their newborns, and these significant moments can be beautifully captured.

Moreover, Australians often place a strong emphasis on family. Including siblings, cousins, and even beloved family pets in newborn photography sessions is not uncommon, allowing for a wider variety of shots and an even more personalised session.

Australian Newborn Photography Statistics

In a survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research, it was found that about 70% of Australian parents have professional photos taken of their newborns. This shows how valued these moments are in Australian society, and it’s an indicator of the trust parents place in professional photographers to capture these precious early moments.

Faithful Photography: Your Australian Newborn Photographer

At Faithful Photography, we understand and respect the diversity of Australian families and their various cultural practices. We aim to capture the uniqueness of every family in our sessions, always considering your personal preferences and comfort.

So, whether you’d like to have your newborn’s photos taken in the bustling heart of Sydney, the peaceful beachside, or the comfort of your home, Faithful Photography is here to make it happen. From the bustling heart of Sydney to peaceful beachside locations or the comfort of your own home, we are here to capture these precious moments in the best possible way.

Remember, the perfect time to photograph your baby is a deeply personal decision, influenced by various factors. However, irrespective of the age, every moment with your newborn is precious and worthy of being captured. Don’t hesitate; seize the moment, and get in touch with Faithful Photography today. Let us help you immortalise these fleeting moments of joy, tenderness, and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is one week too early for newborn photos?

While every baby is different, generally, the 5-10 days window is considered ideal for newborn photography. However, photographers can adapt to your baby’s schedule and comfort.

What should my baby wear for the photoshoot?

Typically, simple is best. Natural, soft fabrics work great for these sessions. The goal is to keep your baby comfortable.

How long does a newborn photo session take?

It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. This allows time for feeding, diaper changes, and comforting.

Can parents and siblings be included in the photoshoot?

Absolutely! We believe in capturing your family’s joy around the newborn.


In conclusion, there’s no ‘wrong’ time for newborn photos. Whether your baby is 5 days old, 3 weeks old, or even older, every moment is worth capturing. The perfect moment to photograph your baby is now.

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