Tips for photographing siblings

Tips For Photographing Siblings

Of all the human relationships that exist in the world, there’s something truly special about the bond between siblings.

They might be the best of friends one moment and tearing at each others’ hair the next. But no one can deny that the camaraderie that exists between siblings is unmatched. And what better way to celebrate this bond than capturing it forever on camera.

Tips for photographing siblings

However, this task is easier said than done, especially if the kids are very young. Yet, with a bit of careful preparation, the job can be done effectively. And today, we’re going to let you know about a few such tips for photographing siblings.

Let’s take a closer look through the lens, then.

Top Tips To Follow When Photographing Siblings

1. Go Natural

While it’s common to want sibling photographs that show the kids in the best of their behaviour, it’s seldom the truth. Siblings don’t always hug and smile at each other; mostly, they act playfully and rarely sit still when together.

That’s why, when you’re trying to photograph siblings, try to do so in their natural setting. Whether playing in the garden, one looking over another’s shoulder, or just plain teasing each other, going natural is the best thing to do when photographing siblings.

2. Meet Them On Their Terms

No matter how professional a hand you are at photography, kids really couldn’t care less. So, if you want to capture stunning frames of them together, then the best thing is to start by building a rapport with them before getting ready for the shots.

This will allow the kids to get comfortable with the camera and equipment. Also, it’ll enable you to get a clear handle on how the kids are feeling at the moment, and how cooperative they’re likely to be during the entire process.

3. Make It A Fun Exercise

The primary objective of photographing siblings is to capture a snapshot of their young, playful personality. And the best way to bring their true nature out is by allowing them to take part in the process. This will help them relax and face the camera with confidence.

Instead of treating them as the subject of the exercise, make them active participants. Ask how they’d like to be photographed, answer any questions they might have, and even allow them to handle the equipment safely. All this will put them at ease, allowing them to forget the camera and make the entire process enjoyable and fun.

4. Be Prepared To Use Props

One of the major difficulties of photographing siblings is getting them to settle down. Most likely they’ll keep on fidgeting and running around, especially if you’re photographing outdoors. This means you’ll need some method to get them to stand still for posed shots.

Props can work well in this regard, and they don’t have to be professional photography props either. Anything from a garden bench, a sandbox at the park or even kids’ toys can serve the purpose. The important thing here is to get the little ones focused on the object, so you can get that much-needed scope to capture a few well-placed shots.

5. Be Respectful Towards The Kids

We adults often tend to order kids about. While this might (or might not) work when you’re trying to get them to study, it’s best to avoid doing so when taking their photographs. In fact, it might result in the kids becoming uncooperative.

That’s why it’s essential to recognize that siblings are unique individuals with their own thought processes. When trying to get them to settle down, ordering about is not an option. Instead, treating them with respect, and allowing them time to get used to the process might allow you to take a better shot.

6. Multiple Shots Are A Must

When it comes to sibling photography, posed shots are very common. If you want to capture something unique, allow the kids to frolic, and keep taking lots of shots during the entire session; you never know when you get a gem.

Often, the very best moments cannot be rehearsed or scripted. Instead, they need to emerge spontaneously. Kids are usually camera shy and don’t want to reveal their real personalities. But they’re sure to do so when they think you’re not looking, so always be ready to click away the entire time during the session.

7. Always Keep Safety In Mind

In case the siblings are very young (under three or four), then you must keep all safety precautions in mind when taking shots. If you’re taking posed pictures, it’s best to begin with the kids lying down on a flat rug.

Also, when using props, make sure that there are no sharp objects or materials that can pose a choking hazard. Begin the session with a few easy and safe shots; this will give you an inkling of how cooperative the siblings are, and whether you should try complicated poses.

8. Find Something They Enjoy Together

Remember the very first tip about capturing the siblings in their natural element? Well, this can be best achieved by allowing them to indulge in an activity they enjoy together. This can be anything from playing cricket to watching a movie they love.

Finding common ground lets the kids forget about the hullabaloo of the photo-session and come out with their natural selves and genuine smiles. And there’s nothing better than that for capturing on frame.

Extra Sibling Photography Tip

When dealing with a newborn for your family photographs, it’s important to ensure the baby is kept warm, soft and toys and props are readily available. Family photos are one thing, newborn photography is a totally different kettle of fish.

Final Words

After all is said and done, photographing siblings can be a challenging task. Kids are restless by nature, and can’t be expected to pose for the camera straight away. That’s why it’s important to take the time and make an effort to ensure that they can relax and have fun in the process.

That being said, many kids love to be photographed! And if you’re taking shots of such siblings, then the matter will be all the easier for you. Just ensure that the kids are comfortable, and they’ll provide you with plenty of opportunities for great shots…

…ones that they’ll cherish forever.

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