Newborn Props

Best Props For Newborn Baby Photography

Who doesn’t love watching those heart-warming newborn photographs and videos?

And if we’re so excited, we can only imagine what expectant parents might feel planning one while waiting for their baby’s arrival! But we’re sure they aren’t unaware of the many challenges that come with newborn photography.

Newborn Props

Keeping in mind the crucial parameters of safety and comfort, we’ve come up with the 9 best props for newborn photography. So, whether you’re about to head out for your first baby shoot project or want a DIY session at home, we’ve got something for all your creative needs.

Now, let’s dive in!

9 Best Props For Newborn Baby Photography

1. ‘Baby Burrito’ Wraps

Baby Barito Wrap

We begin the list with something basic like baby wraps. Since newborns like to be kept warm and swaddled, these wraps will come in handy to keep them comfortable throughout the photo session. Moreover, a nice snug will help you make the baby hold the pose.

Not only that, but wraps can be tied in several different ways to amp up the composition. For instance, an open eggshell swaddle can render a modern twist. Likewise, they may also be used to add a pop of colour to the background.

Another advantage is that it can be used as a protective ‘shield’ between the baby and other props. The soft, stretchy wraps designed especially for newborns are generally inexpensive and can be found online.

2. Hats Or Headbands

Newborn Headband

An easier alternative to wraps is a hat or headband as you don’t really need to move the newborns too much for placing one. Furthermore, you can switch them without disturbing their peaceful sleep. They make good options to add variety to the same pose.

When choosing a hat or headband, make sure that it’s of the perfect size for the little one. Even if you don’t find the right size, go for a bigger one and tie the excess with a band behind the head.

A smaller headband may cause discomfort and pain to the baby’s head. And in case they have a flower or bow, ensure that it doesn’t cover the baby’s face. But most importantly, it should be made of a baby-friendly material.

3. Baskets

Baby in basket

Baskets are a great prop for newborn photography as they keep the babies snuggly for a long time. Line them with a cozy blanket or wrap to help the newborn doze off quickly. Next, place them on a nice flooring at a low-height to avoid making it top-heavy.

While you can opt for a straight top shot that doesn’t require much posing, you may also choose to accentuate the composition by clicking from the sides. In either case, make sure that the basket is sturdy and has enough room to house the little one for a restful snooze.

Other than baskets, wooden crates also serve the same purpose. If you plan to go for one, ensure that it isn’t covered with any toxic paint or finishing like lead.

4. Bean Bags

Baby Beanbag

A significant problem with baskets or crates is that though you can use a lot of layering, they aren’t inherently soft. And that’s where bean bags come into the picture. Besides, bean bags align with the shape of the newborn’s little body. Use a towel roll to place the baby’s head (or bum) in the right position.

Apart from that, we would strongly recommend using a blanket or wrap to negate the slope. Likewise, make sure to place the baby in the centre to prevent sliding. For this, newborn bean bags may be the ideal choice. However, they tend to be a little pricey because of the waterproofing and baby-friendly materials.

5. Stuffed Animals

Bear for newborn photo shoot

Props for newborn photography don’t always have to be something fancy. The simple stuffed toys that adorn the bassinet or nursery can do wonders for the composition. They become the perfect aid for theme-based photography.

6. Tutus And Ties

Kids in bow & ties

Tutus or ties can be the perfect accessory for ‘dressing up’ the little one without a load of baggy clothes. Similar to hats or headbands, these add-ons do the needful of doubling up as colorful props that don’t irritate the baby. While neckties are preferred for baby boys, tutus are more suitable for baby girls. But we aren’t gendering, so feel free to experiment!

7. Seasonal Props

baby in pram photograph

Seasonal props are perhaps the best way to immortalize the season of your baby’s arrival. For example, you can try a basket full of apples for photographing a fall baby. Similarly, watermelons in summer and tulips in spring can be used to create a beautiful composition.

8. Parents-Inspired Props

Baby in NRL Tigers Constume

Parents shouldn’t be necessarily restricted to feeding, cleaning, and soothing the baby during shoots. They can well be included in the process at a much larger scale, and there are a number of ways to do that.

For one, a closeup shot of the parents’ hands holding their bundle of joy creates a happy family frame like no other. The parents can extend their arms in a ‘V’ shape to hold the little one. Alternatively, the arms may form a circle on the floor, around the baby.

Taking a top shot of the arms holding the baby is a true representation of a natural and undoubtedly the best baby hammock ever!

Apart from that, you can also use props that depict the parent’s hobby or professions. Uniforms, stethoscopes, chef aprons, and fishing rods are few of them. You’ll also find miniature versions of these elements.

9. Teepees

While most newborns barely find time from eating and sleeping to emote, some may love expressing their feelings. If you want to focus on those priceless expressions, go for a simple DIY fabric-and-stick tepee. This way, the objects won’t become overpowering.

Final Words

That’s all we have for this list!

Although capturing the precious initial days of your child’s existence is nothing wrong, it shouldn’t come at the cost of their discomfort. Hence:

  • Baskets or crates should be sturdy and spacious
  • All fabric must be soft and baby-friendly
  • Headbands, ties or swaddles shouldn’t be too tight
  • Props should be non-toxic and cleaned thoroughly before use
  • The studio/room should be adequately warm

If you have the slightest doubt about the quality of the prop, look for alternatives.

With that, we will take your leave. Hope you had as much fun reading as we had in compiling this list.


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