Cake smash photography Tips

Cake Smash Photography Tips For Better Photos

If there’s one thing that makes a birthday party worth remembering, it’s cake smash photos that make messy magic.

Whether you’re an adult or a kid, cake smash photos are a hit with every age group. The trouble is, unless executed professionally, a cake smash photo session can turn into messy disasters. Especially when you’re trying to capture tiny tots on a frame.

Cake smash photography Tips

But you don’t have to worry, for we’re here to solve all your troubles! To ensure that you can take the perfect cake smash photos, here’s a set of tips that can help you succeed. We’re sure that if you can apply these tips properly, you’ll get genuinely smashing birthday photos!

Let’s take a snap, then.

Top Cake Smash Photography Tips

1. Don’t Try To Do It Entirely Yourself

While you are no doubt planning to go down the DIY route for your cake smash photo session, we recommend you get some additional help. Family members, friends and neighbours can all help to make the photo session easy.

Ask someone to take the snaps as you make your kids smile. A perfect smile can go a long way towards making a photo worth remembering. At the same time, keep someone on the watch to ensure that the cake is smashed the right way.

2. Keep It Simple When It Comes To Props

Since we’re talking about taking kids’ photos, it’s natural that you’ll want to use a fair amount of props to make the pictures memorable. After all, it’s quite easy to spend a lot on props, even ones that you don’t need.

That’s why we recommend going with simple props that don’t cost a lot. Balloons, banners and a simple cake stand are enough to get a cute picture. Just remember to put in a suitable backdrop to the scene, and ensure that the main prop, i.e., the cake is colourful enough.

Similar to our article on best props for newborns, using bright and colourful pieces can make all the difference.

3. Pay Attention To Colours

Talking of colours, it’s vital to ensure that your photo is perfectly colour-coordinated. In this regard, the icing on the cake will play an important part. In case you’re using bright coloured icing, make sure the background is of a lighter shade so that the cake stands out.

Cake Smash Photography Tips For Better Photos 4

Also important is the colour of the clothes and accessories that your kid is using. Along with that, make sure you’ve matched the colour of the cake with the decorations around the room. This will help keep the theme uniform and allow you to get photos that delight.

4. Don’t Use The High Chair

We’ve often seen cake smash photos that use the high chair as a prop. However, the very purpose of high chairs is to allow kids to eat without making a mess. And when it comes to cake smash photos, a good mess is what you want.

For this reason alone, it’s best to let the kids play with the cake on flat ground. Let them make a big mess, get the cake in their hair, and then click as many snaps as you want. Trust us, you’ll love the results.

5. Don’t Plan The Session For The Birthday

The common trend is to hold cake smash photo sessions on the birthday itself. While this can be convenient for the parents, the kids might just get nervous with so much going around. Also, a birthday means guests, and you’ll have to take care of them as well.

That’s why we recommend holding the photo session on any day other than the day of the party itself. This will give you more time and better peace of mind to focus entirely on the photos. Needless to say, the results are going to be much better this way.

6. Test Your Settings

Once you place the cake in front of the kid, they’ll have at it immediately. So, you won’t get much time to set up your camera once they begin their work. That’s why, before putting the cake and the kid together, make sure that your camera settings are exactly as you want them.

The best way to do this is to take a few snaps of the cake and the kid separately. This will help you understand nuances such as the shutter speed and exposure level. When it comes to photography, the devil is in the details, and you need to be aware of these factors before beginning.

7. Don’t Over-Edit

Finally, don’t edit the photos too much. After all, when it comes to cake smash photos, the mess is what gives meaning to the pictures. So, keep edits to a bare minimum, and you’ll have photos that capture the true essence of what it means to be a kid with a cake.

Final Words on Cakesmash Photography

Taking cake smash photos is not only about art or technique. Instead, it’s about capturing children (or even adults) in their natural element. The above tips are meant to help you do just that.

And when it comes to a kid’s first birthday party, a few photos using a smartphone is just not enough. You need to celebrate the occasion properly, and there’s nothing better than a cake smash photo to make the day memorable. After all, you only turn one once in your life.

So, go ahead and help them make a mess!

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