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How Much do Photographers Charge For Family Photos?

The cost of family portrait photography can vary depending on various elements, including setting, camera bodies, lighting equipment, travel expenses, and other factors. Most family photographers will charge you somewhere between $100 to $300, but it may vary depending on the set pricing structure.

Family photos are a magical way of capturing fleeting moments you want to cherish forever. Even in a world dominated by selfies, the family portrait photography business is booming. If you are signing up for photography services to document special moments of your family, you should know what you are paying for.

So in this article, we will review the different elements that affect the pricing structure for a family photo shoot. By the end of it, you might even find out the family photo shoot you want!

Factors Influencing Family Photography Prices

A variety of factors can affect family photography prices, such as location, equipment, props, post-production, and expertise. Get your money’s worth by knowing whether you are paying for the right advice.

Finding a professional photography business to document these precious moments can be a daunting task. This blog will not only help you sign up with the best professional photographer for the job but also decide the perfect setting for the shoot.


You may have noticed that with most other photographers, the prices change depending on where you want the family photo clicked. This is mostly because, depending on the location, there are additional charges for a photography session.

Generally, most professional photographers and wedding photographers charge different prices for locations like your home, a studio and the outdoors. The cost of portrait sessions at your home may be lesser than a studio because you don’t need to bear studio charges.

On the other hand, you may have to pay more if travel fees for the photographer are high. Many photographers may include travel fees in their package pricing, especially for an outdoor photo shoot.


To understand how much you will be paying for your family photo shoot, you need to know what equipment photographers use for their services. Professional photographers have to invest a lot of money in equipment such as lenses, lighting equipment, reflectors, memory cards, and others.

A chunk of the photography pricing is for equipment, so make sure to take a look at what you’re being charged. Generally, for family sessions, a professional photographer will be footing a minimum cost for equipment as the following:

  • DSLR Camera: $899+
  • Walkaround lenses: $200+ per piece
  • Speedlight $300+
  • Reflectors: $60+
  • Storage cards/Digital Files: $30+ each


Props are a great way to make your family photographs fun, and the best part is that most family photographers have ready-to-use props. If you use these props for your photos, they will be included in the total cost.

However, you may need to buy your props if you want the digital images or final product to be exactly as you imagined.


Photographers’ work actually begins once the shoot ends. Post-production services play a key role in the photo shoot. From photo editing to preparing digital downloads for you, the work involved is substantial.

The photography pricing will also include the cost of the post-production services offered by the family photographer. Most photographers charge an additional fee if you want additional prints or digital copies.


The expertise of the family photographer of your choice plays an important role in determining the quality of your digital images. It will also influence the pricing structure for different photographers.

For instance, the cost of hiring amateur photographers is significantly less than professional photographers. Beginner photographers may be easy on the pocket, but that doesn’t guarantee high-resolution images.

Hire Sydney’s Best Family Photographer

The professionals at Faithful Photography, located at Mount Annan, NSW, have the experience and skill to capture any event you may be planning – family sessions such as newborn photography, maternity and pregnancy, family and more. They also do corporate event photography and business headshots if required.

The family photographers here are ready to update your family portraits, capture the first snapshots of your newborn, snap that pregnancy milestone shot or just get messy with your little ones when it comes time for a cake smash photoshoot!

Different Packages at Faithful Photography

Faithful Photography includes a session fee and collection fee in the pricing structure. Different packages for session fees are available here:

  • Newborn photography, including siblings and family: $150
  • Cake smash, including sibling and family: $150
  • Maternity shoot in the Faithful Photography studio: $100
  • Family photo in the studio: $100
  • Family photos in an outdoor location: $150
  • Extended family, for example, grandparents, in the studio: $200
  • Extended family, for example, grandparents, in an outdoor location: $250

What Makes Them The Best?

Family sessions by Faithful Photography come with additional services within the package that ensure that you have the best experience with them. Click here to book them! All the packages are inclusive of features such as:

  • Two photographers with an extensive portfolio each on the day of the shoot
  • No extra costs for exceeding the booking time
  • The right equipment for all kinds of shoots
  • No hidden charges


What is the best time of day to take family photos?

The best time of day to take family photos is believed to be two hours between sunrise and sunset, also known as the golden hour. However, depending on the desired outcome, you should consult with your photographer.

How far in advance should I book family sessions?

There is always a rush for family photography during the holidays, so booking a slot well in advance is always a good trick. Book your family photography session 2-3 months prior to the ideal date to skip the rush. Otherwise, booking a family photographer a week in advance may also work for you.

What is a sitting fee?

Many photographers charge a sitting fee from customers. It is an advance payment to book a slot with them.

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