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How to keep a baby happy in newborn photography

Most people will agree that newborn photography is the most challenging genre of photography.

There are a million things to keep in mind, including lighting, positioning, angles, and then comes your cute little subject. You have to think about ways of making the shots stand out while ensuring that the baby is comfortable and happy at the same time. And that’s indeed a tough task at hand.

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We can’t really control a baby’s actions, but there are ways to get the perfect shot, provided you know how to keep the little one calm. Not good with babies? Well, don’t worry, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help you out.

Today, we’ve carefully created this guide, explaining a few crucial tips for keeping a baby happy during a newborn photography session. Furthermore, each point has been discussed in a way to create a better understanding, even for first-timers.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Tips For Keeping A Baby Happy In Newborn Photography

Newborn babies can never sit still; not to forget, they are unpredictable and start crying at the most random times. So, it comes as no surprise that you can’t really control these bundles of joy during a photography session. But there are a few tricks, which can help keep them calm and happy for the entire period.

Here, we’ll be listing a few tips to keep in mind while clicking beautiful pictures of newborn babies.

1. Making Sure The Baby Is Comfortable

Before you begin the photography session, it’s important to ensure that the baby has a full tummy, is feeling warm, and not in any discomfort. They won’t be cooperating with you until these issues are addressed.

Comfortable Bed

Always remember that a comfortable baby is a happy baby! That’s why parents should be asked to feed their little one prior to the session; otherwise, they’ll be cranky during the shoot. Just don’t feed them to sleep. Also, never wake up a sleeping baby; that’s the biggest mistake, which should be avoided.

2. Play White Noise To Soothe

If for some reason the baby can’t stop crying or isn’t cooperating, try playing their favourite song. You may also play tracks that resemble the sounds of the natural womb to soothe the little one. This will help keep them calm and happy for the rest of the photoshoot.

3. Keep The Studio Warm

It’s equally important to keep your studio nice and warm; after all, newborns are used to being curled up in their mother’s cozy womb that’s about 37 degrees C.

Cold winds will not only wake the baby up but also make them cranky about the entire situation. To overcome this problem and keep them happy, use a small heater that’s capable of blowing warm air on a low setting.

4. Wrap Them Up

We’ve already highlighted the fact that babies like being curled up and secure like they were inside their mother’s womb. So, if the baby is feeling cranky and unhappy, try wrapping them securely in one of their favourite warm blankets.

Baby wrapped in blanket

This will help you get some cute pictures of a smiling baby, without the crazy arm movements, of course!

5. Incorporate A Few Tested Calming Techniques

As a rule of thumb, try to use a few calming techniques to get the baby ready for a closeup. For a newborn that’s asleep, you won’t be facing much of a problem as their eyes will be closed. Just try tickling their feet with your finger to watch them smile.

6. Mother & Child

Newborns are most comfortable in their mother’s lap. So, encourage her to come in the spotlight along with her little one if you see the session going downhill. And use your unique photography skills to only focus on the baby and not the mother.

Baby with mum

You can also edit the image in a way to only keep the tiny human as the centre of attraction.

7. Schedule The Shoot After Their Nap Time

If possible (not saying always), keep the newborn photoshoot around the little one’s schedule. In other words, begin the photography session when they are fully rested and ready to put their best foot forward.

You obviously want the star of the show to shine, and this won’t be possible unless they have slept for a long period. So, don’t hesitate even if you have to compromise on your schedule a bit to get the desired shot.

8. Ask Parents To Get Their Child’s Favourite Blanket

The shutter sound and lighting often end up making the little one scared, which isn’t a pleasant scenario for either party. To give them a sense of security and comfort, request parents to bring their favourite blanket. This will help keep them warm, even in an environment that they are not familiar with.

Baby and blanket

Just make sure that the blanket features a bright colour that perfectly blends with the setting to ensure the best results.

Final Words

Remember, clicking pictures of a baby is not only about the angles, lighting and perspective. They are the toughest models for any professional photographer to handle. And their tantrums can ruin the entire session. That’s why it’s critical to keep them happy at all times during the shoot.

By following the tips mentioned in this guide, we’re sure you’ll be able to capture the perfect shots of a cute and happy baby. Make sure you do everything you can to keep the little bundle of joy calm and comfortable, and you’ll be good to go.

On that note, we have come to the end of this brief and informative guide on newborn photography. That’s all for now; we’ll be back with more such useful articles on different types of photography. Till then, feel free to reach out if you have any queries or concerns.

Bye, take care!

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